The Executive Committee of UCPS decided to conduct a 10-day Summer School from 25 April to 6 May, 2011 for MSc students in advanced physics with the co-operation of the faculty of University College and other experts in the field. As many as 125 students from different colleges under Kerala University participated in the summer school. The Summer School was inaugurated by Prof. A Jayakrishnan, Vice Chancellor, University of Kerala on 25 April, 2011. Prof V K Vaidyan, former Head, Department of Physics, University of Kerala delivered the keynote address on the topic “Towards Excellence in Research”.

The lectures covered topics such as

  • * Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
  • * Solving Problems in Quantum Mechanics
  • * Quantum Reality
  • * Introduction to Tensors
  • * General Theory of Relativity
  • * Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials
  • * Nanophotonics
  • * Non-linear dynamics
  • * Angular momentum
  • * Characterization Tools for Structural Analysis
  • * Digital Signal Processing
  • * Space Science
  • * Atmospheric Radar
  • * Fundamentals of Electronics
  • * Design of Electronic Circuits
  • * Transmission Lines
  • * Applications of Remote Sensing
  • * Fundamentals of Communication

The lectures were delivered by Dr. PR. Prince, Prof. MK. Prabhakaran Nair, Prof. G. Sivasankara Pillai, Prof. V. Manikantan Nair, Prof. MN. Sreedharan Nair, Dr.V. Biju, Prof. N. Vasudevan Nair, Prof. G. Mohanachandran, Dr. VM. Anandakumar, Dr. T E Girish, Dr. Sam Solomon, Prof. K. Nagappan Pillai, Sri. S. Thrivikraman Thampi, and Sri. P. Radhakrishnan. All the resource persons whole-heartedly co-operated with the conduct of the Summer School without accepting anything in return. UCPS extends its sincere gratitude to all the resource persons for their kind and sincere gesture.

The participants of the Summer School - 2011 also visited Priyadarsini Planetarium and C V Raman Museum. An objective type test was also conducted on topics presented in the various lectures and the five toppers were given prizes. The programme ended with a student feedback session. The feedback was very encouraging so much so that we are tempted to make the Summer School an annual event.


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